Saturday, August 15, 2015

IFBB Tampa Pro 2015: FBB Women's Bodybuilding Pump Room

We were backstage in the pump room with the ladies at the IFBB Tampa Pro!  This show is a favorite.  For the past years we have been a sponsor of the show and Tim Gardner has graciously allowed us to get some back stage footage.  Here are a few screen shots from our upcoming videos:
 Isabelle Turrell
Aleesha...... Isabelle.........Maryse
 Maryse Manios
 Kim Buck
 Aleesha Young
 Aleesha Young
 Virginia Macias.....Aleesha Young
 Isabelle and Aleesha  (Keli Watkins in the background)
 Alana Shipp
 Laura Carolan
 Jay Fuchs
 Virginia Sanchez-Macias
 Irene Andersen

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