Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Pec Queens on Muscle Angels

Featuring two top pros:  Alicia Alfaro and Alina Popa...pec development like no others!  Alicia has beautiful thick slabs of ripped pectoral muscle in this video of her in contest shape.  Alina's video is in spectacular off season shape: big, full, curvy and hard.  Her pec rippling segment of the video is absolutely mind blowing.  See these two awesome fbb's and more at: 
Alicia Alfaro  http://muscleangels.com

Alicia Alfaro  http://muscleangels.com

Alina Popa   http://muscleangels.com

Alina Popa   http://muscleangels.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Female Muscles are Sexy!!

 Alana Shipp, Irene Andersen, Stephanie Flesher, Tarna Alderman and Theresa Ivancik

Monday, November 30, 2015

Carla Rossi~ Seduction.

Carla is unbelievably hot in this video....VERY sensual muscle teasing is expertly performed by this beautiful seductress.  Her deeply striated and thick shoulders, massively muscled back, perfect abs and tantalizing glutes are featured prominently as she moves slowly and precisely pushing all your muscle loving buttons (over and over again).  

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

FBB screen shots from recent vids free samples

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 Most Muscular Women in the World!!!

Pictured here are: Aleesha Young, Christine Envall, Alicia Alfaro, Alina Popa, Lisa Cross, 
Margie Martin, Maryse Manios and Shawna Strong.

Videos are available NOW on Muscle Angels or to be released VERY soon!!  
Don't miss your favorite Female Bodybuilding star in High Definition flexing, posing, pumping in the gym.

Individual videos available for download on :


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

IFBB North American FBB video and photo shoots!

Canadian Physique Competitor and new Pro beautiful Jenaya Hofer.  Jenaya has outstanding quads and calves and informed us that prior to bodybuilding she trained Rodeo horses.

Mexican FBB and new Pro Jessica Riviera Cardenas.  Jessica is a lightweight bodybuilder and is a director for a chain of fitness centers across Mexico.

 Exotic and muscular beauty Theresa Ivancik.  Theresa competed in both Bodybuilding and Physique, winning her class in Bodybuilding.

Masters Heavyweight FBB Tischa Thomas.  Amazing delts, arms and chest!

Wendy Watson:  Wendy was hard, thick and vascular for this competition:

Maria Segura from Mexico.  Maria was the Pro Bodybuilding division winner!

Visit MuscleAngels.com to see photos and videos of the Most Muscular Women in the World!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Texas Pro 2015 Rising Phoenix competition pump room!

Since there is NO Ms. Olympia this year, Jake and Crystal Wood of 'Wings of Strength' in collaboration with promoter Tim Gardner hosted the 'Rising Phoenix World Championship' for the Women Bodybuilders.  One of the largest purses in bodybuilding was very generously presented in the form of a  $50,000 cash prize plus a Wings of Strength custom Jeep.

This competition was compiled from athletes that qualified for the Olympia from last year, plus the winners and highest in points standing from the qualifying shows this year.  There were a few special invitees for this inaugural event.

Here are a few shots from the backstage Pump room; MuscleAngels.com has some awesome video up on the site today and a lot more coming soon!  Please have a look and if you like what you see please consider a membership to Muscle Angels so we can continue to support these competitions for the women in the form of sponsorship for backstage shooting opportunity.

Also consider joining WingsofStrength.net as they are the ones that have made this all possible for the best Female Bodybuilders in the world!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hardcore Female Muscle

Here's a quick little preview of some of our newer shoots:
Alicia Alfaro, Aleesha Young, Irene Andersen, Eva Poga─Źnik,  Keli Watkins.

Awesome ladies flexing...hardcore yet elegant.  Enjoy!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

IFBB Tampa Pro 2015: FBB Women's Bodybuilding Pump Room

We were backstage in the pump room with the ladies at the IFBB Tampa Pro!  This show is a MuscleAngels.com favorite.  For the past years we have been a sponsor of the show and Tim Gardner has graciously allowed us to get some back stage footage.  Here are a few screen shots from our upcoming videos:
 Isabelle Turrell
Aleesha...... Isabelle.........Maryse
 Maryse Manios
 Kim Buck
 Aleesha Young
 Aleesha Young
 Virginia Macias.....Aleesha Young
 Isabelle and Aleesha  (Keli Watkins in the background)
 Alana Shipp
 Laura Carolan
 Jay Fuchs
 Virginia Sanchez-Macias
 Irene Andersen