Saturday, November 29, 2014

Marcie Simmons NPC Nationals Women's Physique Champion

We had the opportunity to shoot with Marcie the day after her win at the NPC Nationals in Miami.  Marcie had competed in 2 shows prior to turning IFBB Physique Pro; a qualifying show and the Nationals where she won her pro card.  Marcie informed us that she had an extensive powerlifting background.  Marcie's overall shape, symmetry and muscularity are perfect; her legs are particularly great with sweeping full quads and awesome glute separations. Also, her pecs are amazing...thick and ripped.  Powerlifter turned Physique champion...Awesome!!
Enjoy these screen shots from her videos coming soon on:

Friday, November 28, 2014

"Musclebunny" Tatiana Michelle on MuscleAngels!

We will have a mini clip for the members here soon!  Gorgeous session wrestler Tatiana Michelle did some physique posing as well as a little fetish shoot which we will have a nice excerpt from....Smothers and Muscle Worship plus beautiful woman:  What could be better??

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More shots from our Archives!

Don't forget about these videos shot a few years ago but still available to the members!  ALL of our content is up on the site now which means literally thousands of videos and photos of the most muscular women on the planet!  Muscle Angels specializes in shooting with the BIGGEST, hardest and most impressive FBB's in the are some free samples from our videos over the years: Enjoy!!

 Sarah Hayes
 Andrea Thiel
 Amber Defrancesco
 Angie Salvagno
Dorothy Trojanowicz
Colette Nelson

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Muscle Angels Video

Muscle Angels Video is where you  can find our longer videos and clip compilations of select FBB's and big strong muscle girls doing what they do best: Flexing their amazing muscles! 
Hundreds of videos available now as individual downloads; just pick the ones you want and that's membership needed.   
New Anne Sheehan video added today at  www.muscleangelsvideo.  This over 17 minute video features Anne in hard massive shape. All over flexing; wide angles as well as closeups. Expressive camera angles, most musculars, pec control, and that unbearably tiny outfit make this video a must have for 'Big Annie' fans!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Fun with Muscles...all these videos in our Archives!

Here are some shots from a few of our videos girls having fun with muscles.....shirt ripping, measuring, oiling, arm wrestling, beachball torture, muscle worship, iron bending, pec pounding and more!!!        

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

YouTube "Ebony Angels"

Here is a sample of some of out videos with the beautiful Ebony Muscle Angels we have shot with this past year....Hope you enjoy this free sample and please check out for the latest updates featuring these awesome ladies and others!
This video features FBB's:
Massive Muscle, Alana Shipp, Chareece, Lady Titan, Miava Nelson, Roxanne Edwards, Tracy Hess

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Miava Nelson : Beauty and Muscles!

We had the great opportunity to shoot with Miava right after she competed in the IFBB North American this summer.  Miava is perfectly symmetrical, beautiful and is without a doubt going to make a big positive impact on FBB for the future.  Here are a few samples from our video, ready to post soon on:

Monday, November 3, 2014

Natalia Batova: ripped FBB from Russia

Natalia competed at the IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro and we shot with her right as she stepped off stage.  Natalia is a fitness trainer from Russia; she has competed many times in Female Bodybuilding but here she competed in the Women's Physique Division.  She came in super ripped and striated and placed in the top 10.  Natalia has a bodybuilder's build but is slightly on the taller side, so this transition to Physique was a smooth one.  Her routine is that of a ballet dancer, with smooth sweeping moves mixed with hardcore flexes.  Natalia's conditioning was outstanding, as you will see by the deep cuts in her legs and striations covering every inch of her glutes!