Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Here are a couple of the ladies we worked with
at the USA championships in Las Vegas this past weekend:

Overall Winner in Female Bodybuilding 
Mary Toole Cain:

Mary informed us that she weighed in at 180 lbs!  Her overall structure and muscle maturity nailed the win for her, earning her her pro card!

Also earning her IFBB Pro card was Tarna Alderman:

Tarna Alderman   http://muscleangels.com

Tarna packed on some serious muscle and with very nice stage presence and polish, this muscle beauty got her well deserved placing and pro status.

Congratulations to both Mary and Tarna!

Look for these two ladies coming soon  on MuscleAngels.com

Monday, July 13, 2015

Calling all FBB leg lovers!

Sometimes I guess we get a bit carried away with leg shots and these models are the reason:
VERY thick and sexy off season Jill Rudison is here with denim shorts and high heels...

Jill Rudison  http://muscleangels.com
Jill Rudison  http://muscleangels.com

Asian muscle beauty Michelle Jin.  Famous for her super huge, hard and shapely calves.  Here she is applying oil all over:

Michelle Jin  http://muscleangels.com
Michelle Jin  http://muscleangels.com

Jayme Ribar.  Beautiful and thick all over with particularly shapely strong legs and calves

Jayme Ribar  http://muscleangels.com