Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Michelle Jin on MuscleAngels

VERY sexy leg stretching and posing from muscular Asian beauty Michelle Jin.  Michelle spent the weekend with us shooting some amazing video content for MuscleAngels.com  As well as being one of the most popular FBB's on the scene, she is a lovely and personable lady that was a pleasure to work with.  Michelle is originally from China and now lives here in the U.S., competing as a  IFBB WPD Physique Pro athlete.  
Michelle loves the outdoors and as part of her training regimen often runs on trails through the woods; she told us she frequently does 2 hours of cardio per day while in competition mode as well as daily rigorous weight training.  
Michelle does not train her calves!  The running and cardio are enough to keep those gigantic calves huge and cut year round.  
Michelle also has a background in gymnastics and as you can see from these video screen shots, she is very flexible.  
This video is called 'Captivating Leg Stretching' as you will be transfixed by her beauty, muscularity and charm as she guides you through a very sexy leg posing routine.    More to come soon.

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