Monday, February 2, 2015

Aleesha Young

Here are a few free sample screen shots from our video last summer with Aleesha Young.  This was shot right after the Tampa Pro so she is in unbelievable condition.  This video is super hot.  Aleesha is seductively reclining in a chair as she flexes her muscles for you.  Her signature move...touching the biceps peaks with her fingertips is caught in a nice closeup shot.  She moves on to a beautiful leg and calf flexing show as she strokes her silky muscular legs and calves up and down. Next is pec flexing and we all know what happens there.  Her voluptuous pecs explode  as she pumps and bounces them.  Close and wide angle, you get an absolutely awesome view of Aleesha in this video. Aleesha is one of the biggest and most muscular FBB's in the world today.
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