Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FBB Photos from the USA bodybuilding in Vegas!

Here are a few free sample photos from our FBB shoots in Las Vegas.  Ariel Gail was there but not competing; she was in great curvy and muscular shape!  Ariel is a very beautiful physique athlete trained by Alina Popa....her legs and overall shape is outstanding.
Laura Foster is featured on muscleangels.com in her first video shoot for the fans. These are a few photos from that shoot and we will have some video coming soon.
Carla Rossi is a fan favorite and was also there in Vegas although not competing.  Carla's off season shape was really nice...her face fills out and and she gets curvy and muscular all over.  She looked really cute in these photos but the video has a totally different feel...more serious and sensual.
Overall it was a nice shooting weekend...Vegas was way too hot but the girls were even hotter :)
Ariel Gail

Laura Foster
Carla Rossi

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