Monday, December 9, 2013

Sexy Ripped Muscular Legs.....

Check out the sexy ripped muscular legs of Jen Abshire and Jenni coming soon on Muscle Angels.  Jennifer Abshire was shot the day after she competed in Ms. Olympia and Jenni was captured the day after NPC Nationals.  Both women were in super shape; gorgeous and hard!  The Jen video was shot in the sun so you can see every vein and cross striation on her quads....her chest and abs were beautiful too; she's a sexy poser and knows how to move and show off every muscular detail.  The Jenni video as pictured here is a particular favorite because we captured Jenni's sexy muscular walk; she walks through the alleys and stairwells of the hotel and she's shot all from behind....which in this particular case was the best view.  Yes, there's posing in the video.  ha!

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