Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Backstage at Tampa Pro. Female bodybuilders and Physique Women pump up!

We send a small sponsorship to a couple of Pro bodybuilding shows; Tim Gardner hosts the Tampa Pro as well as the Chicago Pro.  As some of you may know, the Pro Women's Bodybuilding shows are becoming few and far between.  We feel it is necessary to support these two shows as Tim and others work very hard to keep the FBB's included. Many of the other promoters are dropping Women's Bodybuilding altogether. We were fortunate to be allowed backstage to film some of the pump-room action!  As I mentioned on this YouTube clip, most if not all of our backstage video has live sound but this particular footage was edited with music because we had some audio problems with our equipment temporarily (operator error!)  Sorry about that!  Hope you enjoy it anyway.  Featured in the clip is Lyris Cappelle, Tina Chandler, Ida Sefland and Dana Lynn Bailey.

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