Saturday, August 23, 2014

IFBB Physique competitor Tracy Hess

We had the opportunity to do some shooting with Tracy after she competed in Tampa...she is a very elegant poser and knows how to show off her physique perfectly. Tracy is tall and beautiful and had a great structure for muscle!  Here are a couple of free sample also coming soon.  Her calves are particularly amazing so be sure to look for the videos on

Friday, August 22, 2014

Olga Puzanova: From Russia with Muscles

Gorgeous blonde FBB Olga Puzanova flexing for us after the IFBB Tampa Pro.  Video coming soon on  Olga is a professional female bodybuilder from Russia who came to compete in Tampa.  Great biceps, ripped pecs and very pretty thick legs....some free screen shots from the video right here:

Thursday, August 21, 2014

FBB's over 50: Maryse and Annie muscle comparisons!

Two mature FBB's posing side by side...Annie is 52 years old and Maryse is 54...Bodybuilding keeps you young!  They have very different body types but as you can see are similar in size...they even compare hands in the video.  Most musculars, pec bounces, bicep, forearm and calf comparisons.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Amazing thick and ripped pecs...glorious glutes!

Beautiful pro FBB competitor Alicia Alfaro shot the day after competing at IFBB Tampa Pro.  This was one of my favorite shoots of the weekend!  Her mix of hardcore flexing with graceful posing and very feminine structure...round massive glutes and pecs is very nice indeed.  Here are a few free sample video screen shots from our shoot.  Coming soon on

Friday, August 15, 2014

Mimi Jabalee comeback to the FBB Pro Stage!

Awesome comeback for Mimi at the IFBB Tampa Pro.  Mimi was ripped, symmetrical, muscular and had a very nice stage presence and presentation as she competed in a field of 22 professional female bodybuilders in the last Olympia qualifier of the year.  Hopefully she continues to grace the stage with her outstanding physique for years to come.  We were fortunate enough to shoot with her the day after the contest.  Enjoy these free sample shots from the video now available on

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Aleesha Young video!!!

From our video with Aleesha: "Sensual Assets". Very sexy video of amazing Aleesha Young as she cools off dripping water over her chest and shoulders....sensual glute popping from behind, clamping her thighs in a death trap.  Free samples from our video:

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tampa Pro FBB pump room video!

Here are some free samples from our pump up room video of the female bodybuilders at the IFBB Tampa Pro.  Featuring Aleesha Young, Lisa Cross, Zoa Lindsay, and Sheila Bleck and more!  Roughly edited so you can see and feel the energy and conversation in the FBB pump room.  Feel the power, focus and intensity of these ladies as they prepare to hit the pro stage in one of the biggest and best Ms.Olympia qualifiers of the year!!  Last chance for the ladies to qualify for the ''O"  Held in beautiful Tampa Florida and hosted by promoter Tim Gardner this show is a "Muscle Angels" favorite!!  Enjoy this awesome video of the ladies getting pumped and ready for on-stage action!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

FBB Photos from the USA bodybuilding in Vegas!

Here are a few free sample photos from our FBB shoots in Las Vegas.  Ariel Gail was there but not competing; she was in great curvy and muscular shape!  Ariel is a very beautiful physique athlete trained by Alina Popa....her legs and overall shape is outstanding.
Laura Foster is featured on in her first video shoot for the fans. These are a few photos from that shoot and we will have some video coming soon.
Carla Rossi is a fan favorite and was also there in Vegas although not competing.  Carla's off season shape was really nice...her face fills out and and she gets curvy and muscular all over.  She looked really cute in these photos but the video has a totally different feel...more serious and sensual.
Overall it was a nice shooting weekend...Vegas was way too hot but the girls were even hotter :)
Ariel Gail

Laura Foster
Carla Rossi