Friday, June 20, 2014

French Physique competitor Nathalie Foreau

From the 2014 Toronto Pro Supershow.  Nathalie Foreau is a former bodybuilding pro turned physique competitor.  Nathalie has a super structure and her lines are so graceful and feminine yet hard and muscular.  All body parts flow together and she presents herself perfectly with elegant and tasteful posing.  Enjoy these free samples of beautiful and muscular Nathalie.  Muscle

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beautiful Asian Muscle Angel~Michelle Jin

Michelle competed at the Jr. Nationals held in Charleston, S.C. this spring...she has made amazing improvements to her physique sporting hard peaked biceps, deep abs and sweeping quads.  Her calves have always been amazing.  Video courtesy of James Cook for

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gillian Kovack flexing her huge muscles in the gym!

From our video in Toronto of Gillian.  She is prepping for an upcoming show so still has tons of mass...she pumps up her muscles and then shows them off, flexing for the camera and in the mirror.  Biceps, legs...big thick calves!!  Awesome!!!!

Muscle Angels new YouTube video

Sexy calves and biceps of Michelle Jin....Natasha Grow in the gym pumping her muscles and flexing, cute young muscle girl Kassie Kemmis flexing for a photoshoot.  

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lisa Giesbrecht @ Toronto Pro!

This video of Lisa is awesome.  Lisa looks so much better in person than in stage pics.  Her captivating eyes and seductive facial expression during our shoot was (great)?  I can't really find the right word!  LOL!
Lisa starts out by striding confidently into the room...she throws the hotel key onto the bed and wastes no time posing. Lisa does a crazy 'most muscular' pose and also does this ripply thing with her glute striations that is unreal. She seductively lays on the bed, still wearing her high heels but then removes them and tosses them casually towards the camera as she proceeds to display her long and ripped legs. This is a must see.  Part 1 and then part 2 on the full version on 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sexy Mature Muscle Woman Heather Ali flexes for Muscle

This was Heather's first photo/videoshoot!  She was a natural at it....we did a very sexy walking scene where she sits down in a park to catch up on some texts on her phone....Heather crosses her legs distractedly as she types away; she notices we are watching so she puts down her phone and does a cute and sexy flexing show. Shot in Toronto after the Toronto Pro show, she was there in support of IFBB Pro Lisa Giesbrecht (who we also shot with:))  So anyway, Heather was awesome and we look forward to seeing her again!  Be sure to keep an eye on for her new video!

Monday, June 9, 2014

More Muscular oiled up women from our video shoots in Toronto

Here is mega thick and muscular Ebony Goddess Margie Martin aka "Lady Titan".   We had an awesome shoot the day after she competed in Toronto...
The oil really makes the muscles does the sexy outfit and awesome flexing.  She oiled up all body parts with TONS of oil...she covered her chest, arms....drizzled oil down her legs between the separations in her quad muscles.  Margie did my favorite "most muscular' pose several times as well as a awesome quad shake with her thick slabs of quadriceps muscle.  Amazing and very hot video!!
Enjoy these free sample video shots from our shoot and then go check out the video in the member's section!